Introducing Jake Bugg


Here is someone I would like everyone to meet… 17 year old Jake Bugg. This Nottingham lad does not need a lengthy introduction… just listen for yourselves! We caught up with him at the hotel he is staying at whilst recording his debut album for a chat and an exclusive acoustic version of his single 'Trouble Town'.




The Beat: Hey Jake, how are you?

Jake: I'm fine thank you, yourselves?



The Beat: Not bad thanks. In the scheme of things you are a very young singer/songwriter! How did you first get into music?

Jake: I first got into music when I was about 12 and heard Don Mclean's song 'Vincent' at the end of a Simpsons episode. Before that I was just into my football really.



The Beat: When were you signed to Mercury?

Jake: I signed to Mercury around August time I think.



The Beat: Have you released any tracks with them?

Jake: Not yet but we have a new single called 'Trouble Town' set to be released on March 26th and maybe a chance of an EP before the album release later on in the year.



The Beat: What else have they been getting you to do?

Jake: I've just been doing a bit of co-writing and trying out different producers so we know who to use when it comes to recording the album.



The Beat: When did you first start playing?

Jake: I think I was about 12 and my uncle came round with a guitar and showed me the basic chords and then I just took it from there.



The Beat: Did anyone encourage you with your singing as you started at such a young age?

Jake: I just started singing whilst lying in bed at night with my headphones in singing along with The Beatles, Johnny Cash or whoever.



The Beat: When did you start song writing?

Jake: I think I was around 14 when i started writing songs.



The Beat: Where do you get the inspiration for your lyrics? how do you go about writing them?

Jake: I get inspiration for my lyrics by writing about how I feel or maybe real events I've witnessed.



The Beat:  I love hearing you playing live and I know you have been getting yourself out there, what is it like playing live?

Jake: Ahh, thank you very much, I love playing live especially when you can see that the crowd appreciate it.



The Beat: Have you got any tour dates coming up or any festivals booked?

Jake: I have some tour dates in the diary- see below!



The Beat: What would you like to achieve in 2012?

Jake: I would like my album to do pretty well but I'm sure every artist would like that.. hahaha.. I hope that it will be a good year!



The Beat: Is this a full time business or are you doing other stuff as well?

Jake: I have recently come to realise that this business is hard work and takes time and effort. I would definitely say that it is full time but also great at the same time.



The Beat: What was your best live performance and why?

Jake: I would say maybe one of the more intimate gigs but supporting Lana Del Ray was a good gig too I thought.



The Beat: What and who influences you?

Jake: I'm influenced a lot by old records such as The Everly Brothers and Johnny Cash.



The Beat: What were you doing before playing solo? Have you ever been in a band?

Jake: Yeah, I was in a band but I've always done my own thing so when it started taking off I had to leave the band.



The Beat: Do you prefer going solo?

Jake: I love having a band behind me but I also love playing solo.



The Beat: Where would you like to be in a few years from now?

Jake: Making records!!



The Beat: When can we expect the debut album?

Jake: Later this year I believe.



The Beat: How much material for the album do you have?

Jake: I think I have about 30 songs now!



The Beat: Have you done any music videos yet?

Jake: Yes I have done a couple. One for my track 'Someone Told Me' and another for my new single 'Trouble Town'.



The Beat: What's it like being in front of the camera?

Jake: I tend to have just one guy recording me instead of a whole crew so I can just do my thing.



The Beat: What are you listening to at the moment?

Jake: I'm listening to a bit of John Martyn and a bit of Wiz Khalifia.



The Beat: What advice would you give to other young aspiring musicians?

Jake: Get some recordings done and upload them to BBC Introducing Uploader.



Upcoming tour dates:

Wednesday March 14th- Inverness Hootanannys

Thursday March 15th- Thurso Newmarket

Friday March 16th- Ullapool Ceiidh

Wednesday March 21st- Birmingham Yardbird

Saturday March 24th- Nottingham Rescue Rooms

Sunday March 25th- Newcastle Head of Steam

Tuesday March 27th- London Old Queen's Head

Thursday March 29th- Manchester The Castle

Friday March 30th- York Fibbers

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